Friday, July 12, 2013

Post no-4: Tazreen Fashion Disaster.

Fire grabbed 112 workers in Tazreen Fashion tragedy 
in Bangladesh (November 24, 2012).

While human ancestors, about 400,000 years ago, took control over fire, now at the modern age, we surrender to fire and accept death.

 Why do we let fire kill people? Why do we fear fire?
Is it uncontrollable? Fire has no power without air.

What a foolish activity in controlling fire. Do not spray water on fire. It will become cool automatically when it is satisfied. Let it burn. This is not an effective solution to control fire. We need no fire extinguisher, no chemical spray and no water to control fire. Just shut down the door and window to control air flow. At least, it will control further expansion of fire. Simple change in building construction will allow us control fire without any help of fire fighters. Keep corridor at each floor all around the building, so that people may take shelter out of the room and all of the doors and windows could be shut down from outside to trap the killer. None is required to jump on the ground to save life at the cost of broken bones. 

Construct buildings like this one or create space for shelter all around the building like this. At least, garment factories should be designed in this way where incidence of fire is frequent and death toll is high. Is it impossible to defeat such deaths? Suspension of GSP facility will not save life. We need effective solution to the problem and its realization. Who takes care? All are busy with their jobs. I request all the labor organizations to generate fund to create such shelter around the factory building to save own life. None will take care of you. You will have to ensure your safety in workplace.